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A Memorial Tribute To Shannon
A very brave young woman


               I Shed My Earthly Bonds

I shed my earthly bonds, of mourning and of 
to hide among the stars, then to worlds beyond 
My mission here is finished, at a seemingly 
hurried pace, 
and yet I've fought the goodly fight, I've ran a 
timely race.
 And though my life seems ended, my body now at 
rest, my 
spirit stands before my LORD, to face the final 

I leave behind my treasures, the loved ones of my 
the ones who stood beside me, in my bitterness 
and strife.
 Oh, dear ones, I thank you, for standing close 
to me, and
 helping me in the blindness, of things I could 
not see. 

I thank my friends and neighbors for also being 
for their loving kindness, and showing that they 
So softly now I leave you, in the hands of GOD 
above, to 
bless, hold and keep you in HIS abiding love. 

Ah, lay me down so gently, beneath this weary 
for I have shed my earthly bonds, and have 
the hand of GOD. 
                      by:Chief Tom Thunderhorse
(excerpt from original story)
Her name is Shannon Newquist. She is 28 years old, and has Squuamus Cell Carcinoma in her lungs, lymph system and blood system. The doctors have given her less than 6 months to live. Shannon has 2 young sons, Shane, age 7 and Adam,age 2.
UPDATE 9/1/97 Shannon recieved 
enough in donations to take an 8 day 
trip with her boys! Thank you all for 
your support and prayers! I will 
continue to update you on her 
condition. Please keep the 
prayers coming, those little 
boys need their

UPDATE 09/16/97
Shannon has now developed two tumors on her brain, one in the front and one in the back. She has also begun to have seizures.She will undergo radiation treatments for 9 days.
NOVEMBER 10, 1997 Shannon's angels came for her early today. Her spirit is set free, remember her each time you see an eagle soar!



She soars with the eagles now
her soul is set free...
gliding on a feathered wing.

No pain, no fears, or worry
She's in Great Spirits hands...
being held lovingly
Carressed by the sun, wind
and a gentle breeze.

Many burdens and strife...
Much sorrow and pain...
She'd felt in her life.

This journey was filled 
with many lessons to learn,
so many times her voice left
Reast peacefully, our dear a child of
the earth.

         by: Fullmoon

I sent out a note to every one
that had been praying for or
involved with Shannon on the
morning that she died. The
notes and gifts were overwhelming!
I have added a second page called
Shannon's gifts to display artwork
and kind words everyone has sent.
I'm sure her family will appreciate
all of it. If you'd care to drop them a note

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Lady Moonlight
The backround on this page was created for her


by Wolfsong
and is used with permission from both.


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"Important notice!" Most artwork on Shannon's pages were created by myself or other friends for exclusive use on her pages and may NOT be copied. Thank you for leaving them here.
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